Published by Belfast Telegraph — May 22, 2015

The younger sister of famous twins Mary-Kate and Ashley is now stealing the limelight in hit flicks such as Avengers: Age of Ultron. It means she’s amassed a huge fan following, but the 26-year-old insists there’s nothing exciting about her or her life.

“I just don’t understand why some people make such a big deal of acting,” she shrugged to German magazine Joy. “It’s a job like any other. It’s not a constant stream of glitter and fairy dust, as some people seem to think.”

With her down-to-earth attitude, it’s no surprise you won’t find Elizabeth hobnobbing at the latest A-list event. She’d pick hanging out in New York, where she lives, above any Hollywood bash.

“I like the atmosphere there, the theatre, the bars, the restaurants,” she listed of the Big Apple. “I love going out for food or cooking. Clubs and premieres just don’t really interest me.”

Mary-Kate and Ashley, 28, were huge child stars but have now moved over to the fashion industry with their labels The Row and Elizabeth and James. The younger Olsen girl would never have tried to feed off her siblings’ fame though.

“Of course, at the beginning I could have used my sisters’ contacts, but I wanted to do it my way,” she smiled.

Elizabeth is currently filming Captain America: Civil War, where she reprises her Avengers role of Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff.