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Wind River discussion with actors Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, and Gil Birmingham and producer Matthew George on July 23, 2017 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

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After their talk at BUILD Series, Elizabeth and Jeremy Renner we on Yahoo studios for a Facebook Live Q&A where they spoke about Wind River and answered some fan questions. One photo from the Facebook Live has been added to our gallery and you can watch the live chat bellow.

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Elizabeth and Jeremy Renner were yesterday on BUILD Series to discuss Wind River. Elizabeth spoke about how she prepared for the role, how she picks each project she wants to work on and more! Photos from the appearance have been added to the gallery and you can watch the full interview bellow.

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Elizabeth and Aubrey Plaza strike again with their amazing chemistry in this new interview with WWD. The duo talks about their relationship with social media (Elizabeth joined instagram shortly after filming the movie) and each other.

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As the stars of the dark and quirky Sundance hit Ingrid Goes West, Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen — who frequently inhabit opposite ends of the character spectrum — play out a comedic, cutting-edge take on the modern social phenomenon of Insta-envy and Insta-aspiration. Adrift in her life, loner Ingrid (Plaza) takes her obsession with the picture-perfect images from the feed of social media-savvy Taylor (Olsen) to a disturbing, sometimes funny, extreme.

Indeed, the pair may inspire career-coveting among their peers: along with appearing together in the critically praised indie comedy, each has an equally lauded film hitting theaters — Olsen as an out-of-her-depth FBI investigator in the bleak drama Wind River, and Plaza as a foul-mouthed 14th-century nun in the farce The Little Hours. And of course, they both have superhero blockbusters on their résumés: Olsen plays The Avengers Scarlet Witch and Plaza is one face of the malevolent Shadow King on the X-Men spin-off Legion.

During their chat with WWD, the pair were thick as thieves while musing about their friendship, their mutual envies and the women they admire.

WWD: How soon after signing on to this did you guys start following each other on Instagram?

Elizabeth Olsen: I didn’t have an Instagram, and you didn’t either. Well, apparently, you did.
Aubrey Plaza: I did. I had a private one. No, I didn’t have a public one.
E.O.: She never invited me or told me about it!
A.P.: Come on. Don’t do this. I never post on it.
E.O.: You post a lot of stories on it.
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Elizabeth was just this morning on Good Morning America with Jeremy Renner, where they spoke about Wind River. Photos from Elizabeth outside the studios have been added to the gallery and you can watch the interview bellow!

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She exploded onto the indie scene with Martha Marcy May Marlene and Silent House in January 2011. Since then, she’s made 14 movies, including Godzilla and 3 films, Marvel‘s Scarlet Witch, the comedy coming out around the same time as Wind River, Ingrid Goes West. Lizzie, as she seems to be known to all, sat down for a chat with David Poland.