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Elizabeth attended last night The New York Times presents ScreenTimes along with Ingrid Goes West co-star Aubrey Plaza and director Matt Spicer where they answered a couple of fan questions! Our gallery has been updated with photos and portraits from the event, which you can also watch bellow!

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USA Today has published an interview where Elizabeth speaks about Ingrid Goes West and instagram!

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Vanity Fair has released an interview featuring Elizabeth (and a brand new shoot!) in which she speaks about her upcoming movies Wind River and Ingrid Goes West, her career, being on social media and much more! A behind the scenes video from the photoshoot where Elizabeth answers some questions was also released, and you can find it under the cut (the video autoplays hence why we decided to keep it under read more)!

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Every time I wear these jeans I forget to ask for a black napkin,” Elizabeth Olsen laments, realizing white fuzz remnants have attached themselves to her black jeans. The actress drove herself to our lunch at a trendy Los Angeles eatery. She’s wearing a very low-key black long-sleeved shirt with the very low-key black pants, and she isn’t wearing any makeup. No one in the crowded patio area, a few days before the Fourth of July, seems to notice her, even though we are seated facing inward, our faces on full display for fellow lunch diners.

Olsen is an actress in one of the most successful film franchises of the decade and she bears a noticeable resemblance to her very high-profile, extremely successful fashion-designer older sisters: so it’s perhaps a bit surprising just how much she flies under the radar.

“[Sometimes] people are like, ‘Have we met before? You look familiar. You’re an actress? What have you been in?’” Olsen explains. “And then you have to start listing your credits, and you’re like, ‘Maybe the Avengermovies?’ ‘No, I’ve never seen a superhero movie.’ [Avengers] is what I always go to . . . I don’t look really like that person in the movie.”

She is inquisitive in a way that actors are not always. She looks up at me after digging in to our burratta appetizer, which I haven’t touched: “This is so good! Are you lactose intolerant?!” When I explain during a digression about live music that I’m always worried I’m blocking people’s views at concerts, she interjects, “By the way, I bet you are!”

The night before, Olsen threw a low-key (everything is so low-key!!) surprise party for her hairstylist and long-time best friend, Clay, at her place near Laurel Canyon. “I got a group together and cooked, and we all ate outside and stayed outside the whole time on the patio and the deck.” This might be hard to believe (though it probably won’t be), but she tells me that before a photo shoot the day before she was walking down a trail by her house and “just picked these weird brush from the ground.” She explains, “I made a little flower arrangement. Just starting your day [like that] is so nice.” During a discussion about film release dates, she takes stock of her chipped nail polish, which had been applied for the photo shoot the day before. “I don’t know why they ever do my nails. This is fresh nail polish, chipped and bent. I need to just take it off. I never wear it, and I wash my dishes too much to have nail polish on.”

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Elizabeth was this past Thursday (August 3) on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where she promoted Wind River and spoke about The Avengers: Infinity War and adrenaline rushes. Photos of Elizabeth arriving at the talk show, plus inside have been added to our gallery, and you can watch the interview bellow!

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Elizabeth attended last night the New York Screening of Wind River, after a busy day of press. She looked absolutely beautiful, wearing a Christian Dior Fall 2017 Couture creation. Photos from the screening and its after party have been added to our gallery!

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As you guys can tell, yesterday was a very busy day for Elizabeth and her Wind River co-star Jeremy Renner. Before attending a screening for the movie, the duo was yet at another Facebook Live Q&A, this time for New York Times. You can watch the full video bellow!