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Elizabeth is taking over Modern Luxury this upcoming month of September, covering publications such as Angeleno and Philadelphia Style. We’re still not sure if she’ll be covering more publications, but it’s most likely. In the mean time, we were graced with a very beautiful photoshoot which you guys can find in our gallery! Scans from the issues were also uploaded (beware: the interview is the exact same) and you can read the full interview bellow!

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At the Cannes Film Festival premiere of Taylor Sheridan’s Wind River, Elizabeth Olsen climbs onstage inside the iconic Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes. Looking old-school glam in a plunging blushcolored Miu Miu gown, she takes in the scene, smiling as the audience delivers its enthusiastic applause and Sheridan introduces the film. It is not Olsen’s first time at Cannes, but from her perspective, it might as well be. “The first time I was here, I didn’t soak it in,” says the actress during our beachside stroll the next day. “I was overwhelmed, and I don’t have very many memories of being present.”

This time would be different, she determined, starting with the decision to clutch her pink heels in her hand while onstage. “During Sundance, I had a bit of a panic attack when we were onstage. You have all the lights on you, and there’s really no point of focus. I hate it. It freaks me out. So, I thought, ‘I’m going to take my shoes off.’ And I remember every moment,” she says.

As not even a 2am post-premiere photo call manages to rattle the actress, you get the sense Olsen knows not only how to navigate the chaos that is the world’s most renowned film festival, but is also competently steering a career that, in the past seven years, has launched her to fame far beyond what maybe even she expected. “Now that I feel a bit more solid about what I’m making and I have a very clear intention for myself, I’m a happier person,” explains the 28-year-old. “I’ve started to figure out how I want to function as a human being in the world and balance it with work.”

She may feel like she is only now coming into herself, but from the outside, it seems like Olsen has always had a strong sense of direction. While the actress has, in the past seven years, made an impressive 18 films—ranging from wellreceived indies like Martha Marcy May Marlene to major blockbusters like Godzilla and The Avengers films—her love of acting and performing was established long before her 21st birthday.
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Hey Elizabeth fans! I’ve been browsing for fun articles i might have missed on posting the past weeks and i came across one from The New York Times, in which Alexis Soloski hung out with Elizabeth while she attended City Cooking West End – a demonstration kitchen and event space on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It’s a very interesting article as we got to learn a few more things about Elizabeth, such as the fact her mother calls her “Lizard”. You can read the full article bellow, photos can be found in our gallery. On another note, our gallery has just been updated with missing appearances, shoots, theater and more of Elizabeth so make sure to check it out!


The actress Elizabeth Olsen separated the first egg gracefully. The second? Not so much. And the third was a disaster. “Get it together, Lizard,” she muttered to herself as she leaned over a stainless-steel bowl.

Ms. Olsen — Lizard to her mother; Lizzie to her sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley — was at City Cooking West End, a demonstration kitchen and event space on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. She was learning to make ravioli all’uovo, a large, filled pasta in which a raw egg yolk lolls inside a ricotta mound, glittering like a little jewel. Ideally.

Finally, Ms. Olsen slid an intact yolk into its nest of cheese and covered it with a square of pasta. “That’s not a square,” she said. “It’s a trapezoid.” Then she trimmed the excess dough, making a shape that wasn’t quite a circle. “I’m not one for symmetry,” she said.

Ms. Olsen, 28, was in New York promoting a pair of movies: “Wind River,”a drama written and directed by Taylor Sheridan about a murder on a snowbound Native American reservation, and “Ingrid Goes West,” a dark comedy about an Instagram influencer and her stalker.

She had been spending about 18 hours a day on media appearances and the preparations they require, and she sometimes couldn’t remember the movie she was meant to discuss. “I’ll literally be in the middle of an interview and not know which one we’re talking about,” she said. (It’s a relief to be asked about social media rather than the rape of indigenous women.) But she found an hour in between a dress fitting and a SAG-Aftra Q. and A. to take a cooking class.

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As you guys know, August has been quite busy for Elizabeth as she promoted Wind River and Ingrid Goes West. August 2nd was one of the busiest, with Elizabeth attending multiple talk shows and live chats. One of the talk shows she stopped by was Popcorn with Peter Travers, and a couple of days ago, ABC released the full interview that you can watch bellow! Spoiler: Elizabeth sings in the interview!

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i-D published on their website an interview with Elizabeth where she speaks about her character in Ingrid Goes West, instagram and much more. You can read the full interview bellow!


The first scene Elizabeth Olsen shot for Ingrid Goes West was also the scene that made her the most uncomfortable. Elizabeth’s character, Taylor Sloane, is at an aesthetically pleasing desert gas station and asks an attendant to take a photograph of her and her new “friend” Ingrid Thorburn. (Ingrid, played by Aubrey Plaza, has in fact moved across the country to orchestrate a seemingly spontaneous meet-cute with Taylor, her Instagram obsession, initiating a dark plot reminiscent of The Talented Mr. Ripley.)

“Maybe if you got a bit lower?” Taylor instructs the man, dissatisfied with the angle. Then, “Ok, even lower? Lower!” Soon, he is lying flat in the dust as the two girls flash peace signs in coordinated earth-tone outfits beneath a futuristic 50s sign. “I still feel horrible watching that sequence,” says Elizabeth. “But I really wanted to lean into the ewww thing.”

Ingrid Goes West is the best (possibly only, but still best) movie about Instagram to date. It gets the duality of social media just right: the sunny aesthetics and darkly obsessive compulsions it fosters. Director Matt Spicer, who co-wrote the script with David Branson Smith, wanted to make viewers feel “disturbed,” Elizabeth says, “And I think they did that.” I confirm to her that when I left the theater, I wanted to delete Instagram from my phone and purge my apartment of succulents.

Elizabeth was herself freaked out at times while playing Taylor Sloane. Taylor is a glowing and golden-haired composite of every Californian Instagrammer whose photograph of Joshua Tree you’ve scrolled past (and maybe liked). She posts pictures of Joan Didion books and writes pseudo-spiritual captions inspired by macrobiotic food and string lights. Her Instagram bio is “Treasure hunter. Castle builder. Proud Angeleno,” a tagline that Elizabeth borrowed, with consent, from a friend.

Taylor is also, Elizabeth diagnoses, “deeply insecure,” and has not in fact read The White Album. (In one of the film’s later scenes, Ingrid uses torn-out pages from her own recently purchased copy as toilet paper.) “She comes from a place of wanting to come across as smart and brilliant and creative and intellectual and spiritual, and just wanting to tick every box,” Elizabeth explains, “But she doesn’t really have an understanding of what truly provides joy.”
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Last week we’ve posted an interview that Elizabeth did for USA Today, where she speaks about joining instagram and more. Today we bring you some outtakes from the photo session she did for the publication, along with an article!

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NEW YORK — If you need an Instagram-worthy brunch snap, probably don’t pass your smartphone to Martha Stewart.

“She’s the worst food photographer in the whole world — she makes Jean-Georges food look like dog food,” jokes Elizabeth Olsen, who admits her own nosh photos are similarly unappetizing. “My life revolves around prepping dinner for my family or friends, and making my breakfast look nice, but (my pictures) always look bad. It’s like Martha.”

Fortunately, Olsen’s foray into food photography was only to research her role as an enviable Instagram “influencer” in dark comedy Ingrid Goes West (in theaters Friday in New York and Los Angeles, expands nationwide Aug. 25), one of two films she stars in this month, the other being Taylor Sheridan’s chilly murder mystery Wind River (now showing in New York and Los Angeles; expands to 17 cities Friday, including San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia).

In the latter, Olsen, 28, co-stars with her Avengers castmate Jeremy Renner as Jane Banner, a rookie FBI agent assigned to investigate the rape and death of a young Native American woman on Wyoming’s Wind River Indian Reservation.

Signing on,she hoped to shed light on female sexual assault, particularly in the Native American community, where missing women often go unreported. The actress also wanted “to play someone with the confidence and fortitude of Jane,” Olsen says. “She’s not jaded yet and emotionally invests in trying to find out what happened.”

The Olsen twins’ younger sister was timorous about a winter shoot in the Utah wilderness, but wound up having “the best time,” she says, learning to snowmobile and training in both martial arts and gun work.

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Now that both Ingrid Goes West and Wind River are out in theaters, Elizabeth has slow down on the promotion but that didn’t stop her from attending Jen Klein Day of Indulgence! We’ve added to the gallery photos of Elizabeth just right outside the event, and one photo from inside!

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