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Heey guys!!! I just added the screen captures of the movie Ingrid Goes West in the photo gallery. More films will be added soon!

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Hello Elizabeth fans! I am the new owner of Sweet Lizzie Olsen, I hope you like me, I will update the gallery, stay tuned!!!!

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Hello Elizabeth fans! As you must know, Elizabeth is in one of the covers of the #13 issue of Hunger magazine, titled Mad World. Mad indeed, Elizabeth looks unrecognizable in these outtakes (we absolutely love them though) which we have added to our gallery thanks to Elizabeth herself who shared them on instagram! A sneak peak from the magazine, which mentions the interview has also been released by the magazine and you can read it bellow.

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For this issue we’ve gone A-list, featuring Elizabeth Olsen, Dakota Fanning and Chadwick Boseman. Elizabeth Olsen, shot as you’ve never seen her before by Nadia Lee Cohen, turns Hitchcock heroine and discusses how society now affects her film choices and her treatment as a woman in Hollywood while Dakota Fanning, shot by Rankin, talks legacy and the need for further discussion around mental health, a subject that she delves into while filming The Bell Jar. Our third cover star Chadwick Boseman, who was shot in LA by Neil Krug, talks us through the significance of his roles in Marshall and Black Panther and breaks down the depiction of black experience in film today.

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Hello Elizabeth fans! Our gallery has been updated with scans of the October issue of Glamour Mexico!

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Hello Elizabeth fans! Our girl is on the cover of the October issue of Glamour Mexico looking absolutely gorgeous and we bring you the cover and outtakes from the session! Hopefully we’ll have scans, and more outtakes soon. We have also translated the interview Elizabeth did for Glamour Mexico, which you can read bellow!

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From a young age, Elizabeth Olsen has been building her career. Her effort and dedication have been well rewarded by now occupying a very high (and well deserved) place in the industry. Talking to her was as if i had been in a conversation with a childhood friend. Seriously, she answers with such honesty, is a calm and genuine person, that at first glance her intelligence and talented are noticed.

She is an actress who can move from drama to comedy, transiting through terror and even landing in the area of ​​superheroes, playing Scarlet Witch in the saga of Marvel’s The Avengers (it is a relief to finally see more heroines in that gender). This year she will star in two interesting stories: Ingrid Goes West, next to Aubrey Plaza, and Wind River, a thriller where he acts with Jeremy Renner, also known as Hawkeye, who is also part of The Avengers, whose next installment will be until 2018, with Infinity War.

Elizabeth has been able to shape her path, and her success is envisioned increasingly strong and devastating. While we talk, she confesses that she is very excited about this edition of Glamor. “I’ve never been on a cover in Mexico, so I think it’s great to be with you,” she laughs. Very proud of her achievements and happy for all her projects, this was what the heroine of fiction (and in reality) told us.

GLAMOUR: This year looks good to you; you have two movies on the way: Ingrid Goes West and Wind River, could you tell us about them?

ELIZABETH OLSEN: Of course! The truth is that they are very different stories from each other. It was very exciting to make Wind River first, at the end of winter and the beginning of spring. That film took all my mind for a year, was preparing for six months and finally when the shooting started, was incredibly satisfying, creative and personally intensive process.
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Hello Elizabeth fans! Hunger magazine has released covers for their #madworld issue and we’re surprised to see that Elizabeth is one of the covers for the issue! Looking unrecognizable, and we can’t wait to see the full photo session. The cover has been added to our gallery, and you can read a bit sneak peek on the interview bellow.


Big red hair, ludicrously false nails and a whole lot of attitude – you’ve never seen Elizabeth Olsen like this before. Shot on location in LA, the Avengers actress shines in our Hitchcock-inspired cover and editorial by photographer Nadia Lee Cohen. “I’ve never got to do a shoot as creative as this, it’s usually like – try and look pretty!”

In an exclusive interview for Hunger 13 with Hunger’s Holly Fraser, Elizabeth talks openly and at length about politics, society’s imperfections and, of course, acting – a career that she’s seven years into and still completely enamoured by. From playing an FBI agent in Taylor Sheridan’s emotionally charged directorial debut Wind River, to taking on the role of a neurotic Instagram influencer in Ingrid Goes West, she has proven herself to be one of the most versatile actresses around right now.

A recent convert to Instagram, Elizabeth admits that just like the rest of us she’s still trying to figure out social media – “I don’t need people to know anything about my private life, but also I don’t really know how to have a public persona and then be private in interviews because I like talking to people!”