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USA Today and E! News caught up with Elizabeth last night at the I Saw The Light premiere to talk about the revival of Full House, now titled Fuller House and streaming on Netflix. In each video, Elizabeth is asked about the rumors of herself joining the cast and her opinion on the show. Watch to find out the answers!

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Our gallery has been updated with two new production stills from I Saw The Light and every other still we had, has been replaced by a better quality version.

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Elizabeth attended last night the premiere of I Saw the Light in Los Angeles, California. I have added to the gallery photos from the red carpet and after party, where not only we see Elizabeth being her adorable self but also goofing around with Tom Hiddleston.

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Elizabeth was yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she spoke about singing for I Saw the Light, Harrison Ford and much more. You’ll find two pictures from the talk show in our gallery, and bellow (plus under the cut) videos from the interview!

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Playing Audrey Williams in the upcoming Hank Williams‘ biopic, I Saw the Light, proved challenging for Elizabeth Olsen. The actress admits that it was tough to know how to best portray the complexity of the country icon’s first wife, to whom he was married for seven years.

“I didn’t know much about Hank and Audrey. I knew who Hank Williams was, [but] I didn’t know who Audrey was until I read the script,” Olsen tells The Boot. “So before doing any research, you just see the relationship on the page, which was a woman who, on the surface, it seems like she’s difficult. She’s demanding, and she has an ego, and it blows up his ego, and she’s stubborn and manipulative.”

However, it only took one read through the script, written by director Marc Abraham, to convince Olsen to take on the role. And when she signed on, Olsen explains, her goal became to “defend” Audrey Williams.

“I read it and felt really sorry for her, and I felt like she had a very difficult situation …,” Olsen says. “Even though there aren’t certain things that I agree with that she fought for, that she fought about, I at least tried to find out why, or what that motivation is.

“I think if you can see two sides of the equation, it makes for a much more interesting dynamic between relationships, or in a film or in drama,” Olsen continues. “I just tried to defend her as much as possible so people could care for her, because in history, people kind of give her a hard time.”
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After premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival late last year, Marc Abraham’s Hank Williams biopic, I Saw the Light—a film that had all the makings of a major Oscar contender at the time—was met with lukewarm reviews, forcing the studio to push its release out of awards season and into the early start of a crowded summer movie season. Now, it will be Batman vs. Superman vs. Hank Williams, in a box office showdown that should render the country legend’s tragic tale an afterthought among moviegoers, when I Saw the Light is released on March 25, opposite DC’s superhero juggernaut. It’s a shame too, since Tom Hiddleston as Williams, and Elizabeth Olsen as his first wife Audrey, deliver two of the best performances of their careers.

We sat down with Olsen after the film’s premiere, to discuss what it was like watching her rumored beau transform into one of the most iconic singers in American history, how she reconciled her own trepidations of playing a historical figure, and just what to expect when a little movie called Captain America: Civil War drops this May.

How much did you know about Hank Williams before you signed on for the project?
I knew the songs that were the most famous, so I’ve heard Hank’s name a lot. But I didn’t really know much about him.

Strange, since he’s considered one of the most influential songwriters ever, yet our generation just isn’t that familiar with his work.
No, but my friends who are musicians were. One of my best friend’s mothers, when I told her I was going to work on a Hank Williams film, she was like ‘Are you joking?’ It turns out her youngest daughter was named Audrey after my character. She told me that all of Audrey’s boots were engraved with her name, so I asked our costume designer to make me a pair of Audrey boots, and now I have my own pair of Audrey boots.
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