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It has finally been revealed what Elizabeth was doing at BBC Radio 1 this Monday (April 25)– Chatting with Alice Levine about Captain America: Civil War! Watch bellow a video of Alice showing off her own Scarlet Witch moves, plus Elizabeth’s reaction.

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Our gallery has been updated with both new and better quality versions of the most recent photo sessions Elizabeth has done! Plus, you’ll finally be able to find photos from the Captain America: Civil War Press Conference in our gallery!

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As you know, Elizabeth was set to be on Alan Carr: Chatty Man this past Thursday with her Captain America: Civil War co-stars, Paul Bettany and Anthony Mackie. You can now watch the interview bellow!

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Good news, Elizabeth and Captain America himself, Chris Evans, are set to be on Ellen this Monday! Bellow you have the official confirmation, posted on Ellen’s website and you can also watch a promo from the episode.

The Avengers are divided and the planet will never be the same! Swooping in with all the drama and excitement, CHRIS EVANS & ELIZABETH OLSEN are here with a special look at their film, “Captain America: Civil War”!

Plus, Ellen sent 6-year-old presidential expert MACEY HENSLEY on another adventure, and this time, her George W. Bush ventriloquist doll is in tow! You won’t want to miss what happens.

This Monday, Ellen is ruling the world!


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Many might think that Elizabeth Olsen’s stunning turn on the red carpet in London earlier this week was the work of someone who is used to securing the next-day’s headlines, but for the star herself, the whole “dressing sexy” experience is a relatively new one.

“I’m on this trajectory right now where I’m thinking, ‘Lizzie you can be sexier!’ I have always wanted to be conservative,” Olsen told us on the morning of said red-carpet outing for the premiere of the new Avengers film, Captain America: Civil War. Olsen reprises her role as Wanda Maximoff (or Scarlet Witch) for the third time. Pointing out that she was wearing a mini skirt for our meeting, she assured us that it was a first. “I don’t think I’ve ever worn a mini skirt before!” she laughed. “I would normally wear pants and blouse, but it’s not like it’s offensive – and my version of what I think dressing sexy is like is definitely not offensive!”

Sexy aside, the actress is worth more to her movie producers than the inadvertant promotion she gives them. Sweet, articulate and instantly likeable, Olsen has that rare quality that makes her endearing to indie-film audiences but accessible enough to take on massive franchises like Marvel. She does, however, give the post-shoot side of things more thought than many would think a young actress might.
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