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I’ve added to the gallery about 30 photos from Christian Dior S/S17 Cruise Collection, which Elizabeth attended yesterday in Woodstock, London!

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Elizabeth is currently at Christian Dior S/S17 Cruise Collection and i’ve added to the gallery three photos from the event. Make sure to keep an eye out on twitter as we’ll let you know when more are added to the gallery!

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Elizabeth attended this Sunday the MOCA Gala 2016, and i’ve added to the gallery a few photos from the event!

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Elizabeth Olsen, who plays the Scarlet Witch in Captain America: Civil War, gives us an education on how the villain eventually became a hero.

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You don’t want to play a game of What’s Your Favorite Salon with Elizabeth Olsen. “Mark Townsend did my hair for my first high-school dance,” says Olsen of the hairstylist, who works with Rachel McAdams, Dakota Johnson, and all of the Olsen sisters. During her interview for her Allure June 2016 cover story, the actress let us in on the secrets behind her always-perfect hair, her beauty must-haves, and the absolute worst beauty advice she’s ever gotten.

Do you act differently when you’re a brunette? “I felt really exotic when I was brunette—I don’t know why I’m whispering. I got nervous! My humor works better as a brunette. But I wear mainly black, and I don’t want to look depressed.”

Any secret to your color? “Oribe conditioner is the best thing in the world.”

What tricks have you learned on set? “Use green-tea bags steeped in hot water and then soaked in ice on your eyes. I’m lucky—I have good skin. I drink a lot of water, and I use a lot of products.”

Don’t hold out on us. “I’m digging this 111Skin serum. I was in Barneys, and my hands felt really dry so I started pretending I needed a sample. [The salesperson] gave me these packets. Apparently, a plastic surgeon and some space scientists got together to make a really expensive product. I bought two—morally I feel like I shouldn’t buy more. I also love SK-II and Dr. Colbert masks, the ones that make you look like a serial killer. And Kiehl’s. And Kate Somerville. I like Chanel mascara and Dior mascara, and Nars [lip crayons]. The one that I have looks like Spice, that M.A.C. color from the ’90s—it’s amazing. I use Chanel Vitalumieère Aqua when I’m filming. It’s light, and I tend to play characters that shouldn’t look like they’re wearing makeup.”
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