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The moment we’ve been waiting for has come, our first look at Elizabeth Olsen and Aubrey Plaza in Ingrid Goes West! So far it’s only a 1 minute teaser but it already looks to be so good, we can’t wait to see more of it. Along with the teaser comes the announcement that the movie will be released on August 4th!

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The actress explains why she spends her vacation time in Nicaragua refurbishing schools and improving latrine systems with The Latitude Project.

Three years ago I booked a trip to Nicaragua for a yoga retreat, which got canceled at the last minute. I decided to go anyway, and I’m glad I did because I met The Latitude Project founders Jenn and Alanna Tynan in the little town of San Juan del Sur.

The Tynans were working with impoverished local communities that needed infrastructure support, so I went with them to visit these areas and ended up volunteering in a school to repair desks and update the athletic equipment. I learned that Nicaragua is the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and each year The Latitude Project chooses a different community to partner with on a big initiative, which could be anything from building a preschool to improving access to latrines.

Jenn and Alanna empower the community by fully involving everyone in the task at hand. Residents know that if they don’t show up to work then the project won’t get done. The locals take so much pride in it that they are motivated to maintain these structures and systems after the Latitude team leaves. Everyone knows the Tynan sisters as the hermanas. There is so much excitement around their presence because they have set a tone of trust and intimacy.
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Today’s a special day– It’s Elizabeth’s Birthday! Elizabeth turns 28 years old today and we wish her an amazing day, full of love and surrounded by her loved ones. Fans ever since Elizabeth took her first steps as an actress, we are very proud of everything she has accomplished so far and we can only wish for more and more success

Happy birthday, Elizabeth!

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Director Taylor Sheridan and stars Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner discuss their buzzworthy thriller set on a Native American reservation.

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In Ingrid Goes West, which premiered at Sundance last week and sold in the $3 million range to new distributor Neon, Aubrey Plaza’s Ingrid obsessively models herself after Elizabeth Olsen’s Instagram celebrity Taylor Sloane, then moves across the country to befriend her. It’s a hell of a logline, and the movie delivers on its rich potential for discomfort, telling the tale of a woman so immersed in social media that she’s abandoned any concept of herself. While the film avoids taking any sort of moral position on its very contemporary subject matter, walking the tightrope between comedy and thriller, it provides plenty of opportunity for viewers to question their own relationships with social media. Vulture asked Plaza and Olsen their thoughts when we sat down with them in Park City, Utah.

I feel like this is a very generational movie.
Elizabeth Olsen: Yeah, but also there are adults who are connected to this. And when I say adults, I mean, like, grandmas and stuff. I think it’s anyone who participates [in social media]. So many people want to put up videos of their grandchild succeeding at something to just basically brag about their stupid grandchild.

Aubrey Plaza: These grandmas are out of control.

EO: And say, “My kid is better than your kid.” It’s the same kind of comparison thing.

Facebook is the frontier of the grandparents.
AP: I feel like a lot of grandparents are on that one.

EO: But whatever, it’s social media, it’s the same idea.
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