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Elizabeth attended yesterday Tory Burch Regent Street Opening in London and we’ve added to the gallery photos from the event and its after party. Enjoy!

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“They can make me have a little vertigo when I have to go on stage, so I just finally decided to take them off instead of trying.”

Elizabeth Olsen is explaining why she kicked off her heels at the Cannes premiere of her latest movie Wind River. Sitting with her on a secluded patio tucked away behind La Croisette–the main oceanfront drag of Cannes–Olsen looks as fresh as a daisy in an elegant printed pantsuit, although she must be exhausted. The movie premiere the night before didn’t even start until 11pm, which is when we saw Olsen take the stage clutching those heels in her hand. By 2am she was still working–meeting and greeting at the movie after-party, even though another super-early start beckoned, followed by another full day of non-stop interviews and events. (She took her shoes off eventually after that appearance, too.)

Olsen plays Jane Banner, the lone FBI agent agent sent to the scene of a brutal rape-homicide in remote, snow-bound Wyoming. Initially ridiculed by the all-male local police and by hunter Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner), Olsen brings gravitas and superior smarts to the role, as Banner fights to bring the culprits to justice.

She spoke with about the film’s rape scene, being a woman on set and making her opinions heard, and the pressure to fit into sample size fashion—especially when her sisters work in the industry.

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Hey Elizabeth fans! We apologize on the small delay on updates, but to make it up to you we’ve decided to make this masterpost where you’ll find links to all events Elizabeth has attended yesterday while promoting Wind River at The 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival, along with some interviews bellow and under the cut!

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Elizabeth attended last night Charles Finch Hosts The 9th Annual Filmmakers Dinner and we’ve added to our gallery photos from the event! Our girl is currently at The 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival promoting her upcoming movie Wind River so make sure to follow us on twitter for all updates!

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Elizabeth attended this Monday Ken Corday’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony and we’ve added photos to the gallery!

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