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Elizabeth visited SiriusXM Radio yesterday to promote her upcoming movie Wind River! She looked absolutely beautiful, having a laugh with Sway Calloway during the radio show. The interview hasn’t been released yet but until then, you can check out photos of Elizabeth inside and leaving the studios in our gallery! The interview has been released and you can watch Elizabeth talk about music, gun training and Wind River bellow!

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A brand new trailer of Ingrid Goes West has been released and in the video, we get to see more of Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen in this hilarious movie! Check it out bellow.

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Elizabeth recently had a chat with LA Times where she speaks about her upcoming movies, Wind River and Ingrid Goes West, taking photos of food and joining Instagram! You can read all about it bellow, plus (gorgeous) outtakes from the photoshoot taken for the publication have been added to the gallery.

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Room 64 at the Chateau Marmont is possibly the most Instagrammable spot in L.A. Its wrap-around terrace is suspended just below the homes built into the Hollywood Hills, tiny glass boxes that form their own constellation when night falls. Rumor has it Howard Hughes once lived in this two-bedroom penthouse, spying on girls at the pool below, decades before Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga crashed here for a slumber party.

Today, however, it is home to the actress Elizabeth Olsen, who has arrived at the hotel with a team of people to help beautify her. High-heeled sandals are lined up on a desk. There are multiple pieces of luggage containing makeup kits. She is wearing borrowed diamonds on her fingers, paging through the room service menu, from which she can order whatever she would like.

It’s a scene, no doubt, that would incite lust among her half-a-million Instagram followers. But she doesn’t feel like she knows how to do the setting justice. Just this morning, she attempted to photograph her breakfast, but then ended up deleting the image in haste.

“I’m bad at it,” she says. “I’m bad at the lighting. I’m bad at the framing. I’m bad at the editing. When I look at my food, it looks pretty. When I look at it on a phone, it looks not pretty.”

This is not a problem that her character in “Ingrid Goes West” would have. In the dark comedy — one of two films the 28-year-old is starring in this August — Olsen plays Taylor Sloane, a social media influencer who has established a reputation as the quintessential California cool girl. She tools around in a vintage Mercedes, is perennially reading Joan Didion’s “The White Album” and spends her weekends at a Joshua Tree abode. When she photographs her breakfast — avocado toast, obvi — it always looks pretty.
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The Premiere Of Neon’s Ingrid Goes West took place this Thursday and of course, Elizabeth and Aubrey Plaza surprised us all by wearing the same dress! The duo got to goof around while posing during the red carpet and we love every single picture from the event. Photos from the premiere’s red carpet and after party have been added to the gallery, and you can find bellow two interviews that Elizabeth gave during the event!

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Elizabeth attended the Premiere Of The Weinstein Company’s Wind River this Wednesday and we’ve added to the gallery photos from the event and its after party!

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Elizabeth attended yesterday Disney’s D23 EXPO 2017 along with The Avengers cast! During the event, it was shown footage from The Avengers: Infinity War, however it hasn’t been released online. You will find photos from the event in our gallery, along the panel and an interview Elizabeth gave at the event, bellow!

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