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Hello and welcome to the grand opening of Sweet Lizzie Olsen, your resource for the incredibly talented and beautiful Elizabeth Olsen! Some of you might recognize that me from Elizabeth Olsen Daily (, to which i used to own until this moment. Due to host issues, i have decided to start fresh at Fansites Networks and let go of that one as i am a huge fan of Elizabeth and all i want is to bring you all, her fans, the best. For now we have a temporary domain, which will be changed as soon its possible! You can currently view over 10,000+ images in the photo gallery, that is very complete (with the exception of a few screencaptures that i will be adding the next few weeks). I want to thank Gabby and Mel for all their help in the gallery. Another change in the gallery is that is now paparazzi free, and only candid photos you will be seeing here will be from Movie Set’s and Photoshoots!

Both gallery and site’s layout’s are theme bases by Kaci, that have been slightly customized. They are also temporary layouts since i really wanted to have the site online as soon as possible. However, if you happen to spot any errors, just let me know. Thank you for visiting!

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