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Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen were just two of the new faces on the London set of Avengers: Age of Ultron when we visited last June. The duo, who are playing Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, respectively, talked with us about their first foray into the Marvel universe and how their characters will shake up the team’s dynamic. Get a glimpse at the pair in action in the all-new featurette above, and read on to learn four things you should know about the Avengers newcomers and their characters.

Expect Accents

Twins Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch hail from Eastern Europe — which actual or imaginary country Taylor-Johnson and Olsen wouldn’t reveal — and hence worked together on a dialect. “Whether they decide to re-ADR that in the end,” Taylor-Johnson joked, “I don’t know.” It also sounds as though the duo had a lot of creative freedom in developing their accent together. “It’s something we got to create,” Olsen told us.

Taylor-Johnson and Olsen Nearly Played Brother and Sister Before

Early drafts of 2014’s Godzilla actually featured Taylor-Johnson and Olsen as brother and sister rather than husband and wife, which is what they ended up playing in the sci-fi reboot. Still, Olsen told us having worked together already brought a lot to their latest collaboration. “If you look at the comics, the two of them are always so, so close to each other. That proximity, their comfortability around each other is so specific,” she said. “So it’s nice to know Aaron, and it’s also nice to have a friend when you’re joining such a big project like this, with potentially intimidating people.”

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Have a Unique Relationship With Hawkeye

As Jeremy Renner hinted in our interview with him, Hawkeye shares quite a bit of screen time with the twins in the Avengers sequel. Olsen revealed that Renner was the very first Avenger she and Taylor-Johnson shot with. “We were shooting in Italy, as everyone has seen. Just talking with him was interesting and fun. Everyone is so nice! I was waiting for like, diva [behavior]. There’s none of that at all on this set.”

They Both Put Real-Life Prep Into Portraying Their Superpowers

Quicksilver, as fans of Marvel comics know, is able to move at hyperspeed. While the new featurette shows that effects will help illustrate his powers, Taylor-Johnson also put a fair amount of actual physical preparation and skill into the role — as evidenced by his ultrafit, stronger-looking frame. “I run a lot,” he admitted. “Right now, I think they’re gonna play around with maybe getting into kind of Quicksilver time, which would be sort of my point of view, and kind of playing around with that . . . The first time we did a running test, I was on like on what’s essentially like a running machine, but it was a huge rig that they sped up. A great big running machine, and they had me on a harness on a green screen.”

Olsen’s skills as Scarlet Witch are more mental than physical — she can read minds and perhaps manipulate other people’s thoughts — but she also found a way to outwardly express those talents on camera. “I work with a dancer, Jenny Wade. She’s a choreographer, and so the two of us get locked up in a room together and we move and we try and figure out what looks strong; where the energy comes from. It’s funny, because everyone’s doing like stunt practice . . . but she and I are just like doing weird moves and, like, pretending like we’re making things shoot out of our hands.”


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